Cultivating Voices for Over Seventy Years

Since its founding by Hans Thamm in 1946, the Windsbach Boys Choir has deeply influenced generations of young singers. The boys in the original choir who joined at age nine are now in their 70s; the boys entering the current choir could be their grandchildren! Over 1500 boys and young men have spent significant years of their lives here in Windsbach.
The choir gives approximately seventy performances a year in Germany and abroad, reaching some 35,000 concertgoers. As the first post-WWII German ensemble to perform in Israel, the choir wrote history with its rendition of Bach’s St. Matthew Passion there. The choir has also acted as a musical ambassador for Germany at official state visits of several German presidents. In the anniversary year of 2006, the choir was able to look back on its stunning development: from the provincial choir that it was in the 1950s, it has evolved into one of the most respected boys choirs in the world. For this accomplishment, it is grateful to its founder and especially his successor, Karl-Friedrich Beringer.