Sacred Music at its Best

The Windsbach Boys Choir is one of the leading ensembles of its kind. Sacred music - spanning from the Renaissance to the present - forms the core of its repertoire. In addition to many a cappella pieces, the major oratorios of Bach, Handel, Mozart, Mendelssohn, and Stravinsky are its primary focus. 

A unique synthesis of musicality, versatility, precision, and purity of sound is the choir’s trade-mark. „The music begins for them beyond the point where others stop, that is to say, deeper than the lovely surface,“ raved the „Frankfurter Rundschau“ about the choir’s fascinating vocal abilities. It is, then, no wonder that leading conductors, such as Kent Nagano, and orchestras such as the Deutsche Symphonie-Orchester and the Symphonieorchester of the Bavarian Rundfunk, enjoy collaborations with the choir. Frequent invitations to important music festivals have solidified the choir’s reputation as an important part of the national and international concert scene. In addition to concert tours within Europe, the choir has performed in Japan, North and South America, Taiwan, and Singapore, and will appear in China in May/ June 2009. Many CD and radio recordings, as well as television appearances, have inspired music critics and audiences alike. 

Raising young people’s enthusiasm and appreciation for music is central to the mission of Windsbach’s leadership. Along with the choral training the boys receive from Karl-Friedrich Beringer and the musical staff, a very high-quality, well-rounded education is provided by the boarding school, which is integrated within a state school (Gymnasium). Support is provided by the state, the church, and private donors committed to the musical and educational development of the students. As cultural ambassadors, the choir represents the Franconian region, as well the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Bavaria.

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